Palace Hotel Torquay

Dorton Group embarked on a large project to clear a landmark hotel in Torquay. As we went about our usual work people began to notice our professionalism and hard work, here are just a few of the comments we received.

To Whom it May Concern,

We would like to take this opportunity, to say what a great team of men you have had working on the Palace.

From start to finish, they were totally professional, hard working, clean and organized.

We live across the road from this site, number 1, Georgian Court, we were expecting a lot of dust and mess, when we knew the project was starting, we didn’t get anything to complain about, even in the summer when it was dry and hot…the men used water, to contain the dust.

When the lorries started arriving, sometimes as many as 40 per day, ANDY was at the gate all the time, directing them, in and out, avoiding traffic delays and hold ups.

Andy was always willing to answer people, who walked past asking questions, very pleasant hard working and considerate, is the way we always found him to be.

STEVE the site manager , was the same polite and considerate, always 1st in last out, everyday, he truly must have had a good relationship, with all his team, for as it did.

We were business people ourselves for 35 years, and know how difficult the public, and workers can be.

Sending our Regards To Steve, Andy and the team, it was a pleasure to know them, and all the best for the Future

Kind Regards

Phil And Jacquie Lyons
1, Georgian Court


We live in apartment 6 in Georgian Court opposite the site of the former hotel and had an excellent view of the deconstruction. It held our interest throughout the three lockdowns and we learned a lot through our constant observations of the procedure.

We were full of admiration for the skill of the team and the strict adherence to health and safety regulations. The gates were never left open and unattended and all the many vehicles entering and leaving the site were supervised to ensure there were no hazards to the traffic on this busy road. Steve and his co-workers were unfailingly polite and courteous in answering our many questions and requests for updates.

We have been full of admiration of the whole project. WELL DONE DORTON GROUP !!!

Val Elms


We live directly opposite the Palace Hotel in Babbacombe Road.

I’m just writing to say how much we enjoyed the demolition of the Palace Hotel. The men were so friendly and they kept us interested and informed through 3 Lockdowns.

Each night they ensured the road and the area was left clean and tidy. It was like a mystery unfolding as each bit of the building was demolished.

We were not looking forward to the demolition as we thought there would be lots of dust and dirt, but not so we were not affected at all.

Well done Steve and crew, we miss you.

Linda Dewis


Linda Lewis
Photo by Linda Lewis