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“Good Health and Safety is good sense” – Terry Quarmby

It is cost effective, creates order and stimulates dialogue amongst the site teams. Without order there is no control and in these situations, accidents and incidents are much more likely to occur. Organisations that have no tangible control measures must expect to have a higher incidence rate.

Throughout the Dorton Group’s operations, the health, safety and wellbeing of employees are of paramount importance. Equally, so is the safety of the client team, sub-contractors, suppliers and the general public. The Group’s robust safety systems have been tested by independent auditors on numerous occasions. The Health and Safety Management System is registered and certified to OHSAS 18001 standards by the British Assessment Bureau.

The Group continues to be vigilant and innovative in the ways in which it can improve health and safety performance. Employees are encouraged to give feedback on every system implemented and on every item of plant and equipment procured. The Safety Committee, which is made up of representatives from site level through to senior management, meets at least four times a year in a structured and meaningful forum to discuss all issues concerning health, safety, welfare and the environment.

All procedures are carried out within and beyond current safety legislation and the Group continually supports standards with ongoing training to maintain its excellent safety record. The Dorton Group is fully compliant with all the current requirements of the Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency, Local Authority and NGOs.

British Safety Council awards include: a National Safety Award five years running and in 2008, following a thorough two day audit of its systems and sites, the Group was awarded the prestigious Five Star Health and Safety Management Award. Dorton Group are members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and have signed a commitment to their policies of workplace safety.



It is the policy of the company that its operations are conducted at all times in such a way as to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of its employees at work and of all other persons who may be affected by its activities

The company treats Health and Safety as an equal partner to the Environment, Quality of the product it produces and commercial aspects of the business.

Specific objectives are:

  • To prevent injury to persons associated with the Companies operations, damage to property and the subsequent waste of resources.
  • To provide protective equipment where it is considered necessary, or for which there are legal requirements.
  • To provide safety training for all employees.
  • To make regular and systematic planned inspections of work places; making recommendations to improve standards of safety and give guidance on health, safety and welfare matters. The company appointed Officer for Health & safety will oversee all matters of safety and health.
  • To maintain / repair plant and equipment and use in line with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulations 1998.
  • To fully evaluate new substances, machinery and processes to facilitate safe working.
  • To take into account at tendering and work planning stages, those factors which help to eliminate injury or damage.
  • Risk Assessments will be included in construction safety plans and drawn from and agreed with subcontractors.
  • Assessments will also be drawn from subcontractors and suppliers, setting out the safe use of substances hazardous to health.
  • To ensure accurate reporting and investigation of accidents, with a view to achieving reductions in accident rates by the analysis of causes and trends. This includes the use of a Near Miss reporting procedure.
  • The Company regards Clients requirements as the minimum standards to be achieved in Health and safety. Adequate communication links will be established between Clients, Contractors and other interested parties on safety and health issues.
  • Published approved Codes of Practice and HSE Guidance notes will always be complied with, if reasonably practicable.
  • The Company will consult with its employees in matters of health & safety and comply with all its statutory legal requirements.
  • All employees are reminded that they have a statutory duty to take responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and of any others who may be affected by their work.
  • Alcohol consumption and or the taking of drugs will not be permitted. Any persons found to be participating in either will have their employment with the Company immediately terminated.
  • A copy of this Safety Policy will be displayed on all site and office notice boards and issued to all staff.
  • Employees should make themselves aware of its contents.
  • To conduct, as a minimum, an annual meeting with its staff to discuss Health and Safety and identify any areas that require attention and a timescale and plan to implement any necessary actions.

This policy is reviewed annually and reissued to all staff and work places.

Mr D Harvey – Managing Director


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“Our capability to meet and exceed our customers requirements comes from our methodical and detailed approach to all projects.Through close and proactive management relating to costs, time, safety, environment, partnering, problem solving and innovation we have achieved the highest possible standards”

Dr Terry Quarmby DIRECTOR

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