Excavation & Land Remediation

We offer a full range of services which include the facility for small, medium or large scale earthworks following or prior to demolition and dismantling activities on the site.


We can provide practical on or off-site solutions to all ground condition concerns. We can also provide ground stabilisation and temporary works such as sheet piling, contiguous wall piling and waling beams.

The required Environmental Assessment can be incorporated into plans, programmes and policies to provide a strategic environmental assessment for the duration of the works. Site waste management plans are also a legal requirement for many projects, and a structured approach to recycling and re-use is of paramount consideration to evaluate and separate materials for reclamation or waste.

Our highly qualified staff will provide onsite environmental remediation service solutions and desk top studies to ensure that clients get the best possible advice and a completed project that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Dorton Demolition and Excavation Ltd is a registered BS EN ISO 14001:2000 company.

Land Remediation

We offer a practical on or off-site solutions to all ground condition concerns. By employing both conventional and innovative techniques we are able to undertake the decontamination and associated civil engineering works with confidence.

In addition, soil remediation techniques are often integrated with groundwater treatment. These works are validated to pre-agreed standards with the regulatory authorities and the client’s end use of the land.

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