We aim for 100% salvage to be sent to our reclamation yard and for 97% of items to be recycled or repurposed.

Here at Dorton, we firmly place our emphasis on reclamation, re-use and recycling. Any items of salvage will be sent directly to our reclamation site, whilst the recycling of secondary aggregates, timber and other building products will be sent to local markets within close proximity to our work to save on transport movements, energy, carbon and fuel use.

Other products such as plasterboard, plastics and paper, are dispatched to local waste transfer or material recycling facilities for repurposing into new products.

We also recognise the value in keeping re-usable materials on site. This enables us to crush, screen and stockpile for re-use, thus saving on transport, energy and carbon usage.

We are soon to be opening a new waste transfer and recycling centre. This facility shall be available to third parties and will encompass all aspects of the latest technology in waste handling, processing and disposal.

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