Dorton Group lead the way in delivering training standards

Dorton Group is at the forefront of the demolition and asbestos removal industry and as such, recognises its corporate responsibility to train and develop its staff.

To date in 2013, Dorton Group has provided its staff with 448 combined hours’ training via several training bodies, but most notably, the National Demolition Training Group and ARCA. Recent courses included New Operative Training, Operative Refresher Training, MEWPS, Trailer Towing, Licensed Contracts Manager & Refresher Training, P402 Surveys, 2 Year Medical Certificate, Face Fit Training, and extensive training in Plant and Demolition Techniques.

Each member of staff is enrolled in the extensive foundation training programme that is designed to manage risk effectively and increase safety awareness. The training programme encompasses all mandatory training as well as bespoke training such as individual management courses.

Through its training scheme, Dorton Group ensures that every member of staff has a thorough understanding of the demolition and asbestos industry and is fully trained in how to manage the risks that are inherent in the trade. In turn this is beneficial for clients, who can be sure that Dorton Group understands and manages risk and works proactively to minimise such situations.

Managing Director Duke Harvey emphasises the importance of thorough and extensive training for his staff; “Staff safety and effective work practices are the backbone of our company and we will continue to ensure our staff follow a rigorous programme so that each and every member of the team is aware of the need to minimise risk for themselves, our clients and members of the public.”

The Dorton group continue to make advances in training and assessment for operatives and managers as part of an ongoing educational and instructive policy that meets industry and legislative requirements for competency. The group have carried out mandatory foundation training in a variety of subjects for many years and offer specialist training to individuals who wish to advance through the company’s management structure or require that level of instruction for specific roles.

From January 2016 up to the present date and including scheduled courses up to mid June 2016 Dorton Group will have provided for 663 hours of training at a cost of £22,952.00.

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