Dorton Demolition praised on site at Pinewood Gardens, Southborough

As part of our Demolition projects we pride ourselves on how efficiently we get work done. Our team like to engage with members of the public and answer questions or resolve issues. Recently we received a message from a neighbour of our site at Pinewood Gardens in Southborough complementing us on our work and how smoothly the project went, please see the message below.

“Dear Mr Harvey

I am writing this email to let you know about your team currently working in Pinewood Gardens, Southborough, Kent.

I am a resident of the road living directly opposite your demolition site at number 6 and I felt it very necessary to write to you.

I was very concerned about have a demolition site right opposite me as it is not something that I would have assumed to be a pleasant situation. I have to admit that I was truly wrong.

Your team headed up by site Manager Eddie Diplock are delightful.

Not only are they truly amazingly skilled workers but they are also very pleasant, polite and kind individuals. The site is kept as clean as possible with the entrance swept when necessary. The site manager always assists with traffic when vehicles are entering or exiting the site which we have been very grateful for.

The team always take the time to enter into conversation when they feel necessary with interfering members of the public or residents wish to ask a question. (They are not taking a break I hasten to point out this is about keeping the community happy).

The site has become a spectacle for many people watching in amazement at how your team manage to separate each individual component in readiness for it to be removed successfully from site and recycled.

They have been a joy to watch and many residents on the road have complained at what time wasters they are making of us all as we cannot help but stop and watch them for ages.

I feel that it is on many occasions that people take the time to complain but rarely to say thank you and praise people for doing their job.

You have successfully managed to gain a team here that you can be proud of and I hope that they continue to bring joy to other locations as they get on with their daily duties.”