Case Studies

Strip out works office block in the heart of Acton, west London

LOCATION Acton, West London

In April 2015 Dorton commenced the £200K 10 week strip out of a former 3-4 storey office block located in the very busy commercial and industrial heart of Acton, West London.

The works were conducted to take the building back to its shell for a complete refit and the fitting of ‘affordable living’ units throughout. Our client, Arkelius Ten UK Ltd, had employed the services of Lawrence Foot & Partners Ltd to act as their agent and QS. The works involved the removal of asbestos materials which accounted for approximately 15% of the overall contract value and necessitated a structured approach by both the asbestos team and the demolition team to work together to unmask some of the asbestos materials hidden behind the building or interior facades.

With operating space at a premium, as the inevitable build-up of materials made movement in and around the structures difficult, a logistical response was required to manage the disposal of the stripped debris from the interior out to a waste skip. This was accomplished by the erection of gantry scaffolding that allowed the free movement of pedestrians and traffic whilst providing a safe drop zone for the debris into the waiting waste container lorries. Welfare facilities were placed at the rear of the building after securing a partial pavement closure and emergency fire exits provided for the work teams as well as the adjacent occupied offices, school and apartments on either side of the works area. The works were completed two weeks ahead of schedule which allowed the client to move forward his build program. All works were undertaken without incident or accident and within budget.