Case Studies

St Pauls School, Lonsdale Road, London

LOCATION St Pauls School
Lonsdale Road, London
SW13 9JT

In June of 2015 Dorton Group returned to the prestigious St Pauls School to carry out the preliminary works of the phase 2 renewals program started in 2013.

This latest phase involved the demolition of the existing dining & kitchen block, boiler house and partial demolition of the general teaching block as well as removal of the steel link bridge to a ‘live’ building. As for the phase 1 works, the structures for demolition were of a ‘clasp’ type construction which involved a difficult and laborious process of asbestos removal before the structural reduction could begin. In total 142,000 kgs of asbestos materials, loaded into 26 thirty metre bins, were carted from site.

In addition to the works described above an extensive program of temporary works, protection and weatherproofing was required to the retained portion of the general teaching block. The asbestos removal and the structural reduction works had to coincide with an equally extensive services disconnection, re-routing and new installations program to ensure that the school functioned as normal throughout all operations.

The contract period was for 20 weeks with a value of £600K. In that time over 2,500 tonnes of materials were recycled with a further 85 tonnes going to a waste transfer station for processing. The clients stringent work conditions and scope of work was adequately and efficiently managed and progress monitored in the weekly management meetings to the satisfaction of all parties to bring the project to a satisfactory and safe conclusion within budget and on time.